Wedding Links

I’ve spent the past few days at a wedding. The first wedding in our group of friends. The Sun was out after a week of rain, the cows were mooing and the whole thing was over before we knew it. Which meant a nice walk around Shakespeare’s town and some cinema. Continue reading »


I’ve just sent a list of movies to a friend. Just a random assortment, some new, others old. As I’d rather be finishing Wolfenstein on Über, I figured it’d make for a quick blog post. Continue reading »

Abstractly Abstracting Abstracts

There’s a problem that all devs fall into eventually. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably done it a couple of times. Each time you promise you’ll never make the same mistake again, next time you’ll cut yourself off before you go too deep down the rabbit hole. And then you go and do it again. You try and make the perfect abstraction. Continue reading »

Sweltering Links

It hit 30C here this week, which meant we broke out the AC units at 383 Towers. Luckily next week I’m going to Budapest where it’s expected to hit 38C, but with a 100% chance of baths. Which is all a roundabout way of saying this week’s links are been written in the Sun and next week’s links are going to be sparse. Continue reading »