Alien: Isolation

I don’t normally like horror games. Not for lack of nerves, or masochistic tendencies. It’s just… they’re not very scary. Oh sure, you’ll jump a few times. But after that? It’s just mowing down bad guys. Doesn’t matter if they’re Yetis in Uncharted, Divers in Bioshock or zombies in innumerable games. Alien Isolation takes a different turn, and in doing so is utterly amazing. In a trouser-changing kind of way. Continue reading »


It’s not often a film dives into the near future and presents a vision that is both technologically engaging but also fundamentally profound. Minority Report, for all it’s whizbang effects and cool transitions, presented a type of computer interface that anyone having played with Microsoft’s Kinect for more than thirty minutes will realise is a pipe dream. So it was with relief that Spike Jonze settled upon a much more natural channel of communication with his latest film, Her. Continue reading »

Forza Horizon

I love Forza. Ever since clocking up 400 hours on Forza 2 I’ve been hooked, slowly honing my racing skills ready for new tracks and new opportunities. With Forza Horizon, Turn 10 have given control of their almighty racing simulator to a relative unknown and set them loose to make something new. And they did, brilliantly. Continue reading »

PSR-0: Great Idea, Bastardised Execution

If there’s one thing PHP needs, it’s a bit more convention. Node and Ruby can both attribute a large portion of their success to their respective package managers. Unfortunately PHP has such a… diverse history that using different components between frameworks and projects often requires a cumbersome set of differing bootstraps and loaders. PSR-0 looked set to be at least a partial solution; a common naming convention such that files could be loaded in the same way, regardless of their original framework. And they royally screwed it up. Continue reading »


Today marks three years since I began running. In that time I’ve gone from a wheezing 13 minute mile (and enough leg cramps to make me doubt ever walking again) to being able to run the Sutton Fun Run route (8.5 mi) in just over an hour (and getting my mile time down to 5:58 in the process). In that time I’ve learnt a few things, often the hard way, so here’s some tips on what’s worked for me for the 1,300 Km I’ve covered so far. Continue reading »

Setting up Nginx in front of Apache2 on Ubuntu Server

I love my little Linode (shameless referral link), running several sites on the smallest instance available which gives just 512Mb of memory. With the popularity of HL Twitter and Plex Export, I pretty often max out the available memory and Apache starts dropping requests. So I recently set about looking at the best way to reduce my memory footprint and settled on dropping Nginx in front of Apache. This guide explains how and why. Continue reading »