So you want an admin for your data? Rarely does “data” map cleanly to “admin. An event table might have country_id and start_timestamp columns. What you really want is a layer of abstraction in between. Some scaffolds are better than others. Continue reading »

Build It

After working on a five year old site last night I’m torn. I love the collection of build tools I’ve accumulated over the past few years. Gulp and grunt and composer and npm have just made everything so much more powerful. But they’re also destroying my ability to plan ahead. Continue reading »


Fifteen years ago when I first started “making websites”, it was pretty basic. You’d make a change and FTP the file up to the server. And that’s assuming you weren’t editing files live on the server to begin with, overwriting any and all changes from anyone else who happened to be doing the same (sorry Andy). Since then things have got better. Continue reading »

Idea Storm

The good thing about a weekend away is that it gives you a chance to think about stuff that’s been on the back burner for a while. Ideas for projects and apps and also making plans to get stuff done. Here are some ideas I need to get around to then, at some point. Continue reading »

Mountain Links

If all goes well, this will publish while I’m at the summit of Snowdon, 1085 m above seal level. It’s a cop-out, but who am I to deprive you of some links on this fine day (it’s probably not going to be a fine day looking at Dark Sky). Stay tuned for a mega blast of URIs. Continue reading »