Fifa Links

A bit more variation in the links this week, some design, some op-eds and then the usual geekery. This week has also seen me working on the front-end for the new version of HybridLogic. First new design in eight years, and it feels like that long since I last did anything resembling design. I just can’t get over old habits though, it’s got to be pixel perfect. Continue reading »

The Cliff

I call it the Cliff, but it could just as well be a mountain. An inevitable point that I reach with all projects that I undertake on my own time. I start with gusto, after the initial paralysis on choosing which of the thousand different options to use. I get a good run at the problem. Start adding modules, functionality and UI springing up and all is good with the world. Continue reading »

Naga Links

This week has been pretty damn interesting at work. There are new plans in place and projects in the pipeline that are the kind of things a geek like me lives for. So I celebrated by having a curry with the family and am now paying for having a ghost chilli jalfrezi. Anyway, a mixed set of links this week (as ever, they got more techy the further down you go). Continue reading »

Dog Links

Last night was spent betting on dogs chasing a fluroescent orange sock around a dirt track. It was a great night out with the 383 crew, which only served to get everyone more excited for Berlin in December. It was also the end of a great week; I’ve made some big decisions and began deploying out an app to the first few million users). Continue reading »

Silicon Links

I’ve taken to using these weekly link posts (the only posts I’ve actually continued making since Budapest) as a mini-recap of my own week. The way I see it, if you want the good stuff you’ve gotta read the boring stuff. So this week Andy visited from SF, which was a good chance to catch up, eat some meat and do some dev. And now for the links. Continue reading »

Wedding Links

I’ve spent the past few days at a wedding. The first wedding in our group of friends. The Sun was out after a week of rain, the cows were mooing and the whole thing was over before we knew it. Which meant a nice walk around Shakespeare’s town and some cinema. Continue reading »