Set Top

It used to be, if you wanted to do anything with a bit of hardware like a TV you needed to go deep. Maybe not assembly (but it helps), but at least some mix of C/C++ to render guides, overlays and whatnot. Continue reading »


I want to quote a phrase from the book I’m reading at the moment. The pages managed to soak up nearly a full glass of water a few nights ago, but the text still holds. The circumstances are a mathematician has broken into a safe using a crude carbon-graphite microphone and is now asked for the combination by an officer. Continue reading »

Glasto Links

Glastonbury is currently on-going in a field somewhere in England. I saw a line-up of artists last night and realised I’m so far removed from that whole area of music it wasn’t even worth Spotifying their names. Anyway, Saturday links inbound. Continue reading »

Error Control Flow

With a lot of languages nowadays it’s possible to pull together an app pretty quickly, with only a few lines of code. So a newbie developer starts to wonder why all these older devs bemoan the time it takes to make something. Wonder why their apps are filled with tonnes of seemingly superfluous code. And it’s all to do with bloody errors. Continue reading »

Field of Infinites

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I love this moment. When you’re starting on a brand new project and it’s huge, bigger than anything you’ve ever worked on (and I just shipped an app to twenty million people). It’s amazing. Every possibility is open to me. And now, it’s time to work out what can be done, what should be done and then how to go away and do it.


I’ve been programming for fifteen years now, over half my life, and every single day I still learn something new. I think if I ever stopped learning I’d go crazy and drag a typewriter to the nearest big mansion to bed in for the winter. Continue reading »


I’m pretty terrible at learning stuff. Doesn’t matter if it’s a concept, a skill, a library or a game. It takes a long while for stuff to sink in. So lately I’ve been pushing myself to just learn new things. Continue reading »

Coffeeshop Dev

It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a coffee shop to do a bit of dev. I used to go fairly regularly, back when Andy practically lived in Yorks, but now it’s a rarity. A lot of it comes down to living alone, I don’t need to escape to find some peace and quiet. So this weekend I set up shop in Urban Coffee Co and dove into some JavaScript. Continue reading »

Dark Patterns

I always like telling the story that aeroplanes legally have to have ashtrays in the toilets. The natural response from most people is “but smoking is illegal on a plane” and well, yeah, it is. But since when did something being illegal mean people stop doing it? If someone needs to smoke, they’re going to smoke. By installing ashtrays you can at least contain the risk. Continue reading »