I am Luke Lanchester and this is HybridLogic, my playground on the web where I blog about films and games and occasionally delve into more geeky realms. I am a student in England’s second city of Birmingham and am currently working with the excellent people at 383 Project.

This site is powered by WordPress (of course) and runs on a Linode VPS box. The design, theme and vast majority of plugins are all custom coded hence why some things may not work as expected. I have foregone support of IE6 and browsers that are seriously behind the times, any modern standards-compliant browser will receive a warm welcome. Some of the code used to power this website has been released and is available in various guises.

If you have any questions or just want to get in touch, please do so.

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  1. Hi Luke,
    We’ve enjoyed using HL Twitter on our site, which has been on hiatus but which we’re hoping to bring back to life soon. HL Twitter is no longer updating, perhaps because we’ve reached the limit of 350 Tweets? Is there a way to clear out older Tweets to make room for newest? Other possible explanations for interruption of service? Thanks for HL Twitter and for any counsel you might provide.
    All best,
    Bill Mitchell

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