This page shows what I was doing around this time of year in years gone by. It works because I store a local copy of all tweets, runs, photos and other elements of my life that I track on this blog.


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No tweets were made on this day. No tweets were made on this day. No tweets were made on this day. No tweets were made on this day.
  • RT @WeirdHorse: Just tried to jump over a cat but couldn't because it was a cow 10:12
  • @simonhamp 2005. 14:18
  • Want to go swimming tonight :( 17:16
  • TIL Apple bought the quarry that supplies the stone used in every Apple store. 18:05
  • Gone for a run, now to chill out with Alcatraz and pizza. Probably the last evening I'll have this week. 19:46
  • @deplorableword 20:49
  • Spent the last few hours writing up some code I dreamt, now for brekkie. Might head to the JQ UCC early in a bit. 10:37
  • RT @TheFagCasanova: This bloke keeps subtly altering his mates Facebook photos, and uploading them. His mate isn't happy: ... 11:16
  • It's just a HTML list at the moment with no images, but @PlexExport is nearly there. V2 en route. 11:17
  • Who put cmd+q and cmd+tab next to each other?! 13:08
  • How many people use Flattr? Looking for some indication of actual popularity. 13:42
  • Made a tonne of infographics ready for tomorrow. Then to let @john383 make them pretty. 15:55
  • Finally leaving @urbancoffeeco after getting a *lot* of work done. 16:56
  • Home, eating leftover birthday cake before heading to @Cineworld with @mikemike11. 17:28
  • Waiting for Submarine to start with @mikemike11. 18:33
  • Submarine was limp. 20:14
  • Damn, Keynote on the App Store is sloooooow. 21:15
  • And the most productive weekend of my life is over. Off to London for the first time tomorrow with @383project, 'citing! 21:44
  • I Love You Phillip Morris began very well but lost the comedic edge in the second half, worth watching likely. 01:43
  • Up before 10 and waiting for relatives to arrive. 09:57
  • Time for a very quick trip into town. New train pass as well, expensive. 13:05
  • It's a god damned Pokemon retards convention in Game. I thought that series died out years ago?! 13:51
  • Standing at New St with a ma-hoo-sive Selfridges bag. Really hope it doesn't rain now. 14:13
  • Family birthday party time. 16:16
  • Foursquare is plain ugly compared to Gowalla. And yes, I am on my iPhone at a party. 16:48
  • According to @dacanning I am no longer an Xbox achievement whore, I'm now a slag. He's not going to like my latest purchase heh. 20:04
  • @dacanning Bad Company 2, already 150 points from it. And still have Avatar to finish. 20:41
  • Gah, come on Spotify, work! 21:30
  • In other news, Spotify has decimated my ability to use iTunes :( 21:32
  • Watching Sherlock Holmes with the family + aunt & uncle. Good end to the evening. 23:00
  • Gah, got to make my bed on the living room floor. 23:53
  • Ergh, new mouthwash is disgusting, now need another type just to get rid of the taste. 09:10
  • It only took me 4 years but: 09:41
  • It's off to Uni I go. 09:44
  • @danux it's just like the Mac Minis, you should be used to it. 11:39
  • Waiting for seminar with 1 out of 3 team members here. Great. 12:17
  • @Timmargh would be much obliged, Listerine > Colgate Plax. 12:54
  • Finished and just missed the train, sods law. 13:52
  • Socks and sandles; why? It defeats the whole purpose of each. 14:08
  • Conductor starting announcement with "They're not going to like this...". 14:51
  • back home with chicken pie in the oven, chop chop! 15:12
  • Accidentally on purpose sprayed sister while she was washing car. Honestly, I just slipped @KateLanchester. Repeatedly. 16:40
  • Copying videos from one hard drive to another, much faster when using USB 2 I find. 16:53
  • Waiting for Duplicity to start. 17:51
  • Duplicity was overly long and it's plot felt reminded me an awful lot of Paranoia (book). Still good fun but once more L4D beats it. 22:28
  • Family had chinese for tea and thoughtfully remembered to get me some. I know what I'm having to breakfast/lunch/tea tomorrow. 23:05
  • up. Hopefully today I can finish client site, then set about writing some blog posts. 08:30
  • waiting for client then I can get to work. Writing my review of 10,000 BC first. 08:51
  • made my first blog post this year, I really need to start working on it again 09:18
  • second blog post of the day/year up: 10:08
  • next weeks episode of Torchwood was actually pretty decent, if a little clichéd 12:14
  • my Uni just sent me an email. With over 1500 email address in the To address. 12:26
  • wow, plugin author decided that all theme images would naturally be gifs. And only gifs. Thanks, now my images look like crap. 13:28
  • client sent list of changes to be made. That's today gone. 13:52
  • played a few ranked matches in Halo, just trying to get my skill up now. 16:31
  • @russhancox this thing doesn't even have AGP 17:10
  • messing about with Forge and Slayer settings in Halo. 18:12
  • absolutely shattered, being staring at screens all day long. Time for sleep. 23:33
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