This page shows what I was doing around this time of year in years gone by. It works because I store a local copy of all tweets, runs, photos and other elements of my life that I track on this blog.


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  • Hopefully @dacanning has finished his exams now, means he can return to actually *doing* stuff. 08:06
  • Is there anyone with a key to the office actually in the office today? 08:46
  • @dacanning well at least you know what both feel like now :p Registered for swim yet? 09:15
  • @dacanning yup, feeling two sessions a week for the next few weeks. And I've given up with baggy shorts, don't be embarrassed. 09:26
  • Fixing issues with AWS ELB and deploying @Linode apps this morning. I know which one I prefer using. 10:18
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: London Philharmonic Orchestra (17), The Glitch Mob (12) & AWOLNATION (11) 15:43
  • Official time of 01:04:19 in the Sutton Fun Run, 248th in the male rankings :) 16:14
  • @dnewns 8.5 mi. And I've done it faster, too many damn walkers, but yeah, was good fun! 16:15
  • RT @BhamNewSt: Due to monsoon style weather we'll be operating a reduced service... Not that you'd be able to tell the difference to be ... 17:02
  • @leekemp have you put the right video in lie detective? Seems to be the ungrateful one again :/ 17:17
  • Waiting for @dacanning outside a *very* wet @383project. 17:45
  • New Draw Something not only looks nicer but works better, a rarity nowadays. 17:50
  • @deplorableword 17:56
  • @deplorableword it’s interesting at least. 17:58
  • Red Lights didn’t make me a believer but it was enjoyable. 20:36
  • Definitely the best show this season: Awake. 22:02
  • First flat viewing tomorrow, gonna feel like a right n00b. 22:54
  • This sleep malarkey is starting to kill me :( 07:14
  • Regex-fu is strong this morning. 09:34
  • Guy loses 25K bitcoins (~$500,000). lol 13:50
  • Blue skittles are rank :( 14:52
  • RT @brucel: What's that you say? You want a PDF reader in JavaScript/ canvas? Who wouldn't? Here ya go: 16:36
  • @Rice all down to you now :) 16:58
  • The new Need For Speed looks like they're finally going back to proper fun racing. 07:33
  • After watching the Halo: Reach video I'm even more unimpressed now :( 07:37
  • RT @jcroft: Mark Zuckerberg's video apology for Facebook's privacy goofs: 08:12
  • @jaspertandy carrier subsidies. 09:33
  • The new Mac Mini is awesome, I know what I'm getting for Christmas. 09:35
  • How many designers/developers/directors does it take to put in a table? 09:40
  • Have to say @Dachande663 is a MySQL genius and has managed to port e107 > bbPress. Now I can get skinning the site. (via @Andy383) #ego++ 11:26
  • @leksibaby_x is that a zit or are you growing seeds out of your skin now? :P 14:18
  • Want to pre-order an iPhone but don't know what the dealeo is with O2 and Simplicity plans. 14:32
  • @Daft_Phunk for my usage and time period it works out cheaper. 14:45
  • @russellhancox cooleo :D 14:45
  • CSS Browser Selector is my new favourite thing. Much quicker than using separate stylesheets.... (via @mattbrett) 16:51
  • @dacanning @mikemike11 @Rice Brooklyn's Finest @ 2030? 18:19
  • Ordered an iPhone 4 16Gb in Black. #appletakesallmymoney 18:35
  • @kkob I went for the 64Gb iPad so figured I wouldn't need much room for the iPhone. Which network are you going with? 18:40
  • Mondo Solitaire looks nice but is horrible to use. Waste of money :( 19:29
  • @jaspertandy dragging cards just feels... crap. I found another solitaire app that was beautifully smooth, mondo just jumps like a bitch. 19:43
  • It's 2100 and all I've done is mess around on the iPad while watching 24 on my MBP :/ 20:56
  • Just done the first 33 medium levels of Blocks in 9 minutes. I better slow done if I want this game to last :/ 21:07
  • @linode ooh, hope it's good :D 21:27
  • woke up with an awful headache. Got to drop gramp's fathers day card off in a bit. 08:11
  • back from grandparents, Dad phoned from Italy while I was there. 10:07
  • what's up with the spam bots today? Over 1,500 spam attempts in 24 hours. 16:14
  • losing time on, been so long. 16:32
  • enjoying my Sunday evening, Top Gear starts again next week! 18:42
  • had a good day, not got much actual work done but then again that's for the week ahead. 20:55
  • Set my downloads going for tomorrow, now just relaxing watching TV before another week of hectic work. 21:30
  • up early(ish) again, 3 hour ICT exam. 08:27
  • home after spending 30 mins in the poring rain with thunder and lightning. 16:06
  • ebuyer has posted my hard-drive, still loving Riddick, stuck down the mines at the moment, also catching up on Doctor Who. 20:24
  • completed Riddick; kind of Half Life meets Halo meets a host of other great games. Brilliant ending as well. 22:53