This page shows what I was doing around this time of year in years gone by. It works because I store a local copy of all tweets, runs, photos and other elements of my life that I track on this blog.


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  • True Skin, short film with cool effects 13:00
  • @nevali imagine the black fax equivalent, mmmmmm... 14:07
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Linkin Park (10), Creed (10) & Nickelback (7) 14:10
  • Off for a little run before tomorrow’s. 18:57
  • Crap run, struggled to keep a 5’ pace, let alone usual 4’40”. 20:20
  • So, with Siri using a cloud backend, there really is no reason to not allow it on the 4 apart from financial/server load. 08:56
  • Briefed on an exciting new project by @iamthewit. More Facebook work, but getting to know its warts now. 16:27
  • Wolfram Alpha: make me some passwords. Now open the pod bay doors. 16:55
  • @watchinharrison not yet, supposed to be funny. 16:58
  • In the pub with the parents :) 17:51
  • Waiting for fudge cake before seeing Three Musketeers. 19:31
  • Seems @mikemike11 had a little accident over @dacanning. 20:01
  • Three Musketeers was exactly what you'd expect. That is all I have to say. 22:18
  • @jaspertandy I've been tempted to, something that tracks everything I watch. 09:04
  • @jaspertandy I've looked into making it auto-tweet but can't find a hook yet. I am exporting data from it though so could look up new eps. 09:36
  • No swimming this morning, gives me time to work on other things :) 10:47
  • Finally, new sofa has arrived! No more sitting on chairs to play Xbox :) 11:12
  • @mikemike11 wtf, where?! 11:12
  • The only difference between what I'm doing for my Uni project now and the work I did before is who's paying who :/ 11:58
  • Finally, Animator vs Animation 3! 12:29
  • More work in JavaScript, this time lots of JSONP and regex's. Joyous. 15:17
  • Seriously? Using an ID multiple times, makes my life *so* much better. Cheers. FML 15:22
  • Brilliant, YQL went down and now shows blank results. Anyone getting this? 15:47
  • Finished Avatar (again), now watching Cloudy with a Chancel of Meatballs :) 16:06
  • Debating using Local Storage or Web SQL for a new project. It's initially iOS only so SQL is fine, but LS is more widely supported :/ 17:39
  • FFS, LocalStorage has no method to report current space usage and each browser throws a different exception on reaching hard limit. 19:01
  • You're kidding?! This is why I fucking hate software patents: 19:09
  • @jaspertandy I ended up tilting mine to try and get the disc out, @russellhancox an Apple genius actually suggested it! 21:08
  • Going from relational database to key: value store presents some interesting perspective shifts :/ 21:11
  • @jaspertandy if it works, it works! Not sure how close I'd want to be to it while spinning up :P 21:24
  • In bed nice and early, back in the office tomorrow. 22:19
  • Slept past my alarm for the first time in years, good thing @JacobDutton text me. 07:57
  • Imported 25K rows into a table and only two had errors, win. 12:15
  • I feel so dirty and student-like. #potnoodle 13:03
  • Just remembered VLOOKUP's in Excel need the lookup table key in alphabetical order. FFS, there goes 15 minutes faffing around. 14:04
  • Didn't realise it was 4 already, where the heck has the day gone?! So much to do still it's unreal! 16:00
  • Head killing and going insane trying to get this site live by today. Gahhhhhhhhh. 16:39
  • What a day, just going to relax tonight, doubt I'll even touch Coda or Xbox. 18:16
  • Feeling sick now, need some proper food in me. 19:41
  • Don't know whether I'm still hungry or about to be sick. One or the other. 21:08
  • In bed bloody early, should feel better in the morning after a good nights sleep. 21:41
  • night out was brilliant but felt so stuffed by the end of it. Going to relax today. 10:42
  • got nearly £15 free credit from O2 with various offers, not bad. 14:29
  • on the last episode of Stargate Season 1. Only another ~190 more episodes to go. 18:53
  • looking at computer internships and cringing at some of the spelling mistakes. 20:49
  • latest I've gotten up in weeks. Lot of stuff to hopefully get done today. 09:22
  • downloading the Release Candidate of Gibbon, gonna see what changes they've made. 10:16
  • watching Team America while cooking pasta for dinner. 11:38
  • new tutorial up on HybridLogic, been meaning to write it for a while as well. 13:22
  • note to self; don't ever use tight coupling again. Ever. 16:02
  • @RayMck I think on some level I sensed a need for a tutorial just to show how easy it could be, hope you find it useful. 16:43
  • played some old school Wild Metal Country, now for some Hitman. 19:01
  • Waiting for Euro Trip to start on BBC1 and helping friend sort out graphics problems in XP. 22:40