HL Nike+

HL Nike+ records all of your runs from the Nike+ website and provides a visual graph widget for you to display. It is currently in a late alpha stage but requires refactoring before it can be released.

3 Responses to HL Nike+

  1. Leanne says:

    Hi there, you have a fabulous Nike+ widget in your sidebar that… WORKS!!!! I’ve spent days googling to no avail for a working widget. When might it be ready for release?



    • Luke L says:

      The code isn’t quite up to my release level, meaning it’s missing a lot of things. If you really want it, I can provide the plugin but it’s not plug-and-play, you’d have to tinker with it to get it working how you want on your blog.

  2. steve says:

    Hi Luke,

    I would love to grab the source code and tinker a little to integrate my fitbit with my wordpress site.

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