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WARNING: As of January 2011 the data source used by HL Xbox has been shut down, rendering this plugin inactive. A request has been made to Microsoft for access to their API, but no word has come yet.

HL Xbox goes above and beyond the normal WordPress Xbox Live Gamertag plugin. It allows you to track multiple gamertags, keeping a local copy of each gamers history including the games they’ve played, achievements and gamerscore on your WordPress blog. An easy to use widget let’s you display this in your sidebar, with customisable options.

WordPress plugin download page


  1. Upload the hl_xbox directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the HL Xbox plugin in the WordPress admin
  3. In the main menu, go to Xbox -> Users -> Add new user

Known Issues:

  • This plugin relies on the Duncan MacKenzie Xbox API and as such is subject to its limitations. Stats can only be updated a maximum of once per hour.
  • This plugin requires remote access within WordPress to load Xbox data and images.


10 Responses to HL Xbox

  1. Any chance of this getting updated since Microsoft changed the way the data is stored?

    • Luke L says:

      I’ve applied to Microsoft for access to the source API, but have yet to hear anything yet. Very sorry for the inconvenience is has caused.

  2. Jason says:

    I have just successfully installed the widget/plugin — however, I cannot add my username as it states:
    “Xbox User Details
    Error, please check this is a valid gamertag on Xbox Live and that it does not already exist on this site. If this error continues please try again later as the Xbox API may be experiencing technical difficulty.”

    Is there any formula around this? Is the API just randomly having an issue as I attempt to use this for the first time?

    • Luke L says:

      Unfortunately as stated in the message at the top of the page, Microsoft have turned the API HL Xbox uses off. I have requested access to their new API but haven’t heard anything yet. Sorry for the inconvenience this causes.

  3. Chris says:

    Any update for this yet Luke?

    • Luke L says:

      Unfortunately I’ve heard nothing back from Microsoft yet, and according to others it’s often a very long process. In the meantime I am investigating other options, but nothing that’s suitable has come up yet.

  4. Traek says:

    Any update on this? This is such a great plugin; I’d hate to see it dropped due to lack of momentum on Microsoft’s end.

    • Luke L says:

      Unfortunately not. I’ve been looking into getting data from elsewhere, but nothing provides a similar level of information.

  5. toolbelt says:

    hi there, since u need a api to get the plugin working again here is one for you.
    like u said since duncans went offline alot of plugins/scripts etc ceased.

    i would like u to update your wordpress plugin to use this api and i will defo use it on my upcoming website.

    i would even donate a little for the plugin :)

    i take no credit what so ever in the offered api as i never made/created/contributed towards it.

    i just so happened to come across a updated version of it and thought i share it with u as i found your site while searching for a plugin/ api script

  6. Chat says:

    I’d hate to see it dropped due to lack of momentum on Microsoft’s end.

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