Life & Death Part I

Cain stood in his small house. He had butterflies, this time tomorrow he would be a married man. Trying to explain to Trak what a best man was had been hard, but not half as troublesome as explaining the purpose of a stag night.

Trak just did not understand the point of going out for a party and getting completely hammered. He thought it was stupid. Cain would show him. All of Cain’s friends were coming out tonight for the part, and Cain would make sure Trak got wasted.

There was a knock at the door. Cain jumped slightly at the abrupt sound. Trak stood nervously in the doorway looking around the room that was Cain’s new home. Trak had long since moved out from his small room in the Gym. He was one of the first to have a proper home. Located on the very edge of the town, his small bungalow type home was perfect for him.

“You gonna stand there all day or come in?” Cain said, pulling Trak from his thoughts.

“I like your home. It is very comfortable.”

Cain smiled lightly, glancing around once more at the bare walls. “I haven’t had a chance to decorate it yet, it’s gonna look better when I’m done. And Rach’ is moving in after the wedding.” Cain gulped nervously, living with Rachael would be a whole new experience.

Trak looked at his brother, “You will be fine, Rachael loves you very much. You will be good mates for each other.”

“Please don’t say mates, it makes me think of animals.”

Trak grinned widely, “But you are an animal.” Cain shot Trak an evil grin and began to rummage through the packages for his tie. Trak moved forwards and looked at the assorted boxes strewn over the floor.

“So what are you gonna’ wear tomorrow?” Cain asked, trying to guess as to what Trak could wear.

“I shall wear my armour. It shows my respect for your bonding and it had been too long since I last wore it.”

Cain nodded, “Cool, I haven’t seen you in it for ages.”

“Are you still going to go through with this ritual tonight?” Trak slowly inquired.

“Oh yeah, and you are still coming. There’s no way in hell I’m going to let you back out of it.”

Trak huffed loudly, “Very well.”


The night air was cool and the town was alive. Trak moved slowly through the streets not wanting to go to the party, but knowing that in the end he would have to, Cain was relying on him.

The towns one and only pub was up ahead, the sounds of laughter already filtering out into the night. Trak took one long deep breath and opened the door. The noise was immense, Traks hearing was much better than any human and the relentless sounds assaulted his eardrums.

Cautiously moving through the crowds Trak found Cain leaning on the counter ordering another beer, as soon as he saw Trak though he doubled the order. Handing the chilled glass to Trak, Cain leant back and looked out over the people.

“Glad to see you finally came,” Cain said over the music.

“How long have you been here?” Trak asked feeling slightly guilty.

“Only ’bout twenty minutes. So,” Cain said turning to face his friend, “I heard about you and Hannah.” A grin cracked over his face, quickly hidden by the beer glass.

“You and everyone else,” Trak said sighing.

“So come on man, tell me. What was it like?”

“What was what like?” Trak asked, trying to fake incompetence. Unsuccessfully.

“Don’t play dumb, I know what happened. You two spent the night together. There’s no way in hell you were a gentlemen all night,” Cain said stretching out the all.

“We talked,” Trak started.

“And?” Cain pressed.

“And… And we showed our affection for each other. Nothing more.”

“Oh man!” Trak shouted, “I knew it. You scored didn’t you!”

Trak looked at his feet, slowly taking a gulp of the icy brew before replying, “She said she didn’t care what species I was. She Is of a pure heart Cain. I think I… I think I love her.”

Cain patted Trak on the back, “Hey man, Hannah is perfect for you,” he said, before shaking his head once more, “I can’t believe you did it though!” he exclaimed.

“And why not!” Trak answered, getting angry, “I have reproductive organs too, and it is common for my people to show affection to one they truly love. And I truly love Hannah.”

“Chill man, I know. Here, drink up. You’re already three pints behind me.”

“This is a competition,” Trak asked, surprised, “to consume the most alcohol.”

“We could make it one,” Cain answered, “unless you think you would lose.”

Trak smiled widely and quickly downed the rest of his pint, “You’re on.”

The rest of the night went by in a blur for Trak. He won the arm wrestling competition, easily he thought. Some human women stripped before the men, Trak looked away ashamed. Surely it was not good behaviour, but the rest of the men, Cain especially, seemed to enjoy the show.

Within three hours the party was in full swing and it was Cain who was behind in the beer competition. Trak could easily gulp down an entire glass and still carry on, but he felt the effects begin to take hold. His reactions had slowed, his sight blurred and his voice slurred.

Cain appeared before him. “Hey man, slow down. Jesus I didn’t know you could knock that stuff back so quick.”

“Then why did you challenge me,” Trak asked lazily.

Cain shook his head, he knew it was his fault. He watched as Trak finished another glass and look around slowly.

“Where are the restrooms?” he finally asked, his head swaying slightly.

“Over there,” said Cain pointing at the far side of the pub.

“I’ll be righttttt. I’ll be right back,” said Trak slowly ambling off towards the loos.

“And make sure you use the right one!” shouted Cain after the retreating giant.

Looking around Cain quickly spotted some mates and headed over. Sitting himself down he watched as they recalled past jokes and stories. Something twisted at his stomach, it could have been the booze or the nerves of the wedding to come. Or something else. Placing his head in his hands, Cain gently massaged his eyes with his palms. Exhaling slowly Cain looked up slowly and saw Trak returning from the restrooms. Ambling over he looked down at Cain and slowly exhaled as well.

“I am feeling unwell. I am sorry, but I must rest for the night if you wish to see me tomorrow.”

Cain nodded, feeling his own head droop, “Sure man. Just don’t stay in bed too long.”

Trak nodded his appreciation and silently left the pub.


Resting against the back of the pub Trak slowly drew in breath, held it, then released it. He felt awful, his stomach churned and his head swam in the liquid he had consumed so much of.

“Stupid alcohol,” he muttered aloud to no one in particular.

A sound caught his dulled ears, laughter, close by and getting nearer. Three men emerged from around the corner, all of them looked like they belonged in the military. One of them looked up from his laughter to see Trak leaning against the wall. His smile grew even wider and he nudged his partners. They all looked up quickly, their smiles turning to evil grins.

“Well lookie here boys, we got ourselves a bonefied good elite,” the first man sang out. The other two sniggered but Trak shook his head and began to walk away.

“Hey, wait up blue boy. We wanted to ask you something.” Trak turned at the insult and flared his mandibles. The men took no notice, quickly moving towards him, the outer two flanking his sides.

“Ed here is Hannah’s brother as you may know. But what we wanna’ know is what did you do to her last night? Huh bluey? Come on.”

“Yeah man, she came home all upset sayin’ you had forced her to be your bitch. Well come on, what you got to say for yourself,” the other man chipped in.

Trak felt mortified. Had Hannah really felt he was trying to harm her, he had thought she wanted it as much as he did. She was the one ho made the moves. She did want it. Then it clicked, they were tricking him. Trying to provoke him.

“Your sister is of age, she can make her own decisions and take on board the consequences. She doesn’t need you to baby-sit her.”

The called Ed looked outraged, “Why you little fucker, I ought to kick your ass for saying that.”

“Your words bring no effect to me,” Trak replied coolly, un-afraid of any repercussions. The men moved, flexing their muscles threateningly.

“We ought to teach this little alien here some manners. Like how to respect good humans who have treated him well.”

Trak felt his anger flare, “I know how to treat humans. I treat them with the respect they give me. Maybe it is you who are the ones in the wrong here.”

The first man stepped forwards again, “You sayin’ that you’re better than us!” he spat out.

“Again, you are the one in the wrong. Maybe the alcohol is clouding your judgement. Now please, let me be. I wish for no trouble tonight.”

“Well you’re gonna’ get some.” The man swung forwards, his hand impacting against the back of Traks head. Falling heavily to the ground Trak shook his head, the coward had hit him from behind. This was not a fight, this was an attack.

“You cowards,” Trak roared. The first man kicked him again, this time in the stomach. “I will not succumb to your attacks.” They kicked him again, this time Trak fell onto his back, his ribs hurting badly.

“Well if you’re not scared then maybe you should be for Hannah’s sake!” Ed shouted out, “If you don’t bugger of now I’ll go straight to the head quarters and say you raped her! She’ll deny it, but the captain will understand why she would. You’ll be hanging by this time tomorrow. Do you really want that!”

Trak looked down at his hands, they were clenched into tight fists. Slowly raising himself to full height he looked at the humans. “You would really be that manipulative!” Trak spat at the ground in pure anger and hatred. “YOU DISGUST ME! FILTHY PATHETIC HUMANS!” Trak lunged at the lead man, jabbing his fist as hard as he could into the stupid mans throat. Trak crushed the windpipe and knocked the man to the ground. He clutched desperately at his throat, the breaths becoming harder and more laboured with each progressive gulp of air. He would be dead within four minutes and Trak knew it.

Sneering he looked up in time to see Ed run at him. The third man disappeared around the edge of the pub. Pulling a knife out of his pocket Ed began to circle the elite, just the two of them now. “No sister of mine is gonna’ fuck an alien,” he shouted.

“Then you have no sister,” Trak replied smiling at the expression on the mans face. Slashing his knife forwards Trak easily dodged the attack. “Is that the best you can do! Pitiful.”

Ed jumped forwards again slamming the knife out in front of him. Trak rolled around and swung the blade inwards at the same time. Ed couldn’t stop. He fell forwards onto his own blade. The cold metal shaft piercing his heart. Dropping to his knees he gripped the hilt and slowly removed the blade from his chest. “Bastard,” he whispered, before falling onto the ground.

Suddenly Trak heard a hundred footsteps race towards him. It seemed the entire congregation at the party had come out to see what had happened. The third man was in the lead, he looked shocked at what he saw but quickly regained himself. “See!” he shouted out, “he killed them! And he would of killed me too! All they wanted to do was go home, but he jumped us!”

Trak stood rigid, angered at the accusation, but he knew another bout of violence would not solve this problem. Lowering his head he let the blade fall to the ground and slowly stepped backwards.

“What I did, I did for love and honour. No man can challenge what I have done if he knew the truth,” Trak spoke out aloud to the crowd, “But your prejudice for my kind will forever prevent that from happening. I must leave you now, do not follow me.”

Trak turned and ran into the night. The darkness swallowing him up until the only thing that remained were two lost lives and one destroyed.


“Because I do not wish to shed any more human blood.”

The words rang through Traks mind. His pledge to Cain made so long ago. And now he had broken it. Destroyed in one night. His life here was over, he had no home, no friends. He had nothing.

Placing his head in his hands Trak cried on top of his tree. He wasn’t on top anymore, he had fallen to the deepest, darkest regions of hell and not a ray of hope could ever shine through.

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