A child is taken from its parents and trained as an assassin.

“Do you miss them?”

Jamie looked over at Kay. Her fatigues were dirty, three days of mud and blood caked across them. The moonless sky meant he could only make out the barest outline of her face as she lay looking up.


The horizon blossomed a crimson red as artillery fire took another chunk out of the enemy stronghold.

“Do you think they miss us?”


The man begged. Jamie didn’t understand why. Why didn’t he fight? Or run? He just… knelt. Jame had used live rounds before, but this was different. Years of military indoc meant the gun felt like a natural extension of himself.

“Cadet zero-twelve, you have your orders.”

He pulled the trigger and the man didn’t beg anymore.

“You are here because you have been identified as the best and the brightest, the fastest and strongest amongst your peers. The United Earth Government has legally expropriated you from your families. You will not see them again.

“You will form an elite fighting unit and you and your parents sacrifice will ensure the survival of the human race.”

“I love you baby.”

His mother was crying. Jamie didn’t know why, but it made him want to cry as well. His father was shouting nasty words, two of the big soldiers holding him against the floor. Jamie clutched at his mothers hand as another man tried to drag him away.

“I’ll always love you baby.”

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