God is bored and decides to create a Rube Goldberg machine with humanity as its props.

Each piece ticked over to the next. Some pieces joined to make new ones, others would go bad and jam up the works. It was amazing really; a hundred billion little pieces taking eons to perform even the simplest of tasks. As he watched, the final few billion grew closer and closer.

Their workings became more frenetic. The machine ground its gears, and almost stumbled. Once. Twice. They split the atom. Nothing more than teeth on a cog and yet they were so close now. They tried to leave the confines of their case, but soon returned to their rightful movements.

And finally, as the creator smiled down upon his toy, they finally succeeded. First one city bloomed in a brilliant ball of light. Then another. And soon the whole planet was a glowing ball of molten rock as the nukes destroyed the crust and only the light of the molten core could be seen.

He had his answer. It took 107 billion humans to make a lightbulb.

Prompt originally posted by Unknown on reddit and received 27 upvotes.

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