Write an interview from a fictional war documentary.

“Lance Corporal William Dunloe was 22 at the time, but is credited with the longest confirmed sniper kill in history at a little over ten kilometres. It was the shot that ended the war and of course made him a legend. Corporal, thank you for joining us.”

“My pleasure.” He was awkward, nervous, still not used to big crowds even after all the ceremonies.

“So, how does it feel to be a hero?”

“I’m not a hero ma’am, I was just doing my job.”

“But still, without your selfless actions the imperial dogs would never have surrendered. You must be proud. Tell us, what was it like?”

“I’d crawled for 72 hours over a ridgeline to get into position, sucking down protein paste and pissing into a catheter so I didn’t leave a scent trail.”

“Sounds glamorous.” The audience laughed. Dunloe flashed a rare smile.

“The camp was well defended, dogs, sentinels, spotlights.”

“As one would expect, considering who was there,” the presenter said to the audience.

“Given the distance, the mac round took less than a millisecond to hit. It was a one shot rifle, only way we could do the damage at that distance.”

“Now mac…”

“Sorry.” He looked sheepish again. “Magnetic accelerator cannon. Take a tiny bit of aluminium, speed it up until it’s going c-point-oh-two.”


“Sorry.” Now he was flustered. “Speed of light. 0.02% is about 6 million metres a second.

“So, I fire it and it hits. One minute there’s a man trying to wage a war and the next there’s a hole punched through him and the six feet of steel behind him.”

“And what a shot!” The presenter began clapping, the audience following suit. “Ladies and gentlemen, please give a heartfelt applause for the man who killed the president of the ex-United States!”

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