A nuclear war has decimated most of the globe, Great Britain included. A survivor treks through the Midlands, England, on his way to the South Coast, looking for a treasure, long since lost.

During the second great war, the Nazis coined a phrase to describe the complete and utter destruction of a city through firepower: coventrate. It seemed like fate had a sense of humour, that the city of Coventry, once destroyed so completely, had once again suffered at the hands of an enemy bombardment.

As Daniel walked down the miles and miles of canals, more than even Venice had been home to, he came to see another side of the region. He had only visited once, back when the new Bullring had been built, with its odd Selfridges building, but now it took on a different light. Vegetation began to grow through the cracks. The once busy expressways and tunnels of the city centre had become unpassable. And yet he pressed on.

He would keep on going, until he reached the Cornish coast, and the cold of the Atlantic. Where his family had once had a summer home, somewhere nice near the water. Where his most prized and treasured possession lay. For, as someone born as far from water as was possible on an island, he most enjoyed surfing.

He really wanted his surfboard.

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