Angels and Demons are selected from a group of young souls in Purgatory. A boy and his best friend are being assigned tomorrow

Hope. That was the first word Jamie used that I didn’t recognise. Ever since I’d arrived we’d always been friends, even against the bonds that held us in the place between places. Jamie had come from the overworld. He smiled, laughed, reminisced of music and poetry and other things I had no recollection of.

My kind… didn’t laugh.

And now we were to be torn apart.

The halo would sit on Jamie’s head. It was meant to be. Expected. The natural order of things. He would return to the overworld and hold watch over the mortals for all eternity. And I, I would join the forsaken. Born into sin and corruption.

“Ez, I don’t want to follow around a mortal for the rest of my life.”

They sat, watching the worlds flow and meld and smash and collide around them. Jamie picked at the hem of his sleeve.

“But you get to help people. Save them.”

“What if I don’t want to help them?”

Ez scratched his forehead with dirty fingernails, his scalp itchy and raw. Those from the outerworld, beyond the inner sanctum of light, were destined to remain in this flux. Time would pass and the mind would warp, driven mad and merciless by the inability to act out, until finally the mind snapped and the body followed suit. Ez would lie and wait and hold out as long as he could, but one day he would want what he could not have and then he would be picked.

Like a child starved for food and told to wait before a roasting pheasant he would be powerless to stop. His jaws would clench and teeth tear at the flesh and the meat would not be fowl.

“Ez. I hope you get out tomorrow.”

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