Mankind finally reaches the stars, and it turns out to be terrifying – an unparalleled predator among spacefaring races. Warn me.

They come. Like a tidal wave, an unending procession of vessels, each more massive than the last. A thousand pale, wriggling worms packed into hulls made of cold metals and burning fuels.

They breed and feast and kill and die and repeat. They have known war longer than the X’in have dived beneath the oceans. They multiply faster than the largest swarms of Kyrallana.

They consume every resource until it is exhausted and move on. They are at the gates to our world and we cannot reason with them. We cannot barter or trade, fight and defend. A ship matters nothing to their collective. For every warrior lost, they will train a hundred more.

I propose a plan. A Grand Plan. We must purge the universe of this flood.

Prompt originally posted by Moonjail on reddit and received 4 upvotes.

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