The crew of an ice mine on Ceres learns that the company will be closing the mine. Evacuation will be at their own expense.

“Twenty-two hundred ints? I only want a single!”

The screen was old, cracked and worn out, the image didn’t even have any depth. Like everything else on Ceres it should have been replaced decades ago but the company never considered it a priority. And now they were shutting them down.

“That is a single sir. One-way to Phobos Station, with twelve kilos of luggage permitted.”

Clarke looked at his hold-all. Every possession he owned, every token he had collected, every holo or trinket stuffed into a pocket. Two thousand credits to move to the next shithole. Not even somewhere with real air.

“Okay. Give me the fucking ticket.”

“Thank you sir, payment has been authorised.” The woman on the screen smiled. Lying cow. “Your remaining balance with the Rutland Mining Corp is eight hundred ints. Would you like to convert this to Phobean demarks at 10% commission?”

Clarke sighed.

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