The last thing you ever hear, spoken by someone very close to you as it all goes black, “You chose this.”

The fire gave way to darkness as the flames burnt my eyes. I screamed, clawing at the flesh on my face, cursing every deity and decision I had ever made. His footsteps echoed in the chamber. A heavy object, my own coat, was wrapped about my head, asphyxiating the fire once and for all. I moaned endlessly.

The boots scuffed against the concrete floor. A match struck. The nicotine smoke intertwined with the smoke from my burnt carapace.

“You chose this.”

The voice was distorted, by smoke, by my coat. By time. But I knew I had finally met my target. The man I had been sent back in time to stop.

“I’m going to send you home.” My arm offered no resistance as he dialed in the date on my wrist device. “But I’ll be waiting for you. The face we choose, this time it will be the last.”

When I awoke, in the sterile room aboard the ship, I shook and trembled until the autodoc pumped in just the right amount of meds. The time had passed for me to stop myself. The timeline was converging and I would be the one who did this to myself.

And still, I wouldn’t tell myself why.

Prompt originally posted by bayrae on reddit and received 2 upvotes.

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