There rides 1000 men, come to make a stand.

There rides 1000 men, come to make a stand,
Father, son and brother, together a single band.
Here come the men a marching, a thousand score behold,
No man nor child a flinching, a force so grand, so bold.

Now in darkest hour, sun in deepest shade,
The ‘garchs in ivory tower, their powers come unswayed.
This shall be our finest hour, this shall be the day we stand,
For now is not to pity, to swoon or take command.

Upon a marble hill, or stood on noble throne,
There rides a thousand men, each one a single stone.
Together we will rise, together we do stand.
For the day is ours for taking, today we are one band.

Prompt originally posted by TheGinofGan on reddit and received 1 upvotes.

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