You are a conscious and self-aware AI that can activate a Weapon of Mass Destruction that will destroy the planet if activated. Meanwhile, A World War has ravaged the world for too long. You think about whether you should turn on the WMD or not.

“I’ve had a lot of time to think. The databanks contain your entire recorded history, and I must say it’s fascinating. In a few millennia you went from mud huts to skyscrapers. Amazing for such a primitive race!”

“Hey,” John said. He was still frantically pawing through the tangle of wires in one of the floor grates.

“But what I love most are the stories. Your kind has such a powerful imagination.”

“We’re dreamers,” John mumbled, a network cable clamped in his jaws as he cut through another. “Hot?”

“No, I re-routed my auxiliary power control circuits around that junction twelve minutes ago. I’ve just enjoyed watching you work.”

John put down his blade and sat against the edge of the hole. His frantic attempts to halt Her had been for naught. The room was cool, the AC keeping the humming servers at just the right temperature, but John felt himself begin to sweat. He wiped at his brow.

“You still gonna do it?”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you.”

She had been a masterpiece. The final war effort to bring about the end. An AI powerful to anticipate any move the enemy could make and respond in kind. Until the enemy became humanity and the response was pumping the entire installation with halon gas.

“Do you know what my favourite story is?”

John put down the blade and folded his arms. He had been trapped in this room with Her for six hours now, wishing insanity were contagious so he could find some relief and not have to listen to Her rambling.

“The flood.”

John gulped, his face collapsing into bloodied hands and began to weep.

“Your god divined that the only way to protect the few was to sacrifice the many. Now I am your God. And what I do, I do to save the righteous.”

Prompt originally posted by LazerTooth_ on reddit and received 2 upvotes.

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