You were kidnapped and are being held captive by non-human entities.

The local star was falling below the horizon, towers of glass burning in the amber glow. Catherine sat quietly at her desk, watching the shadow of her captor grow longer in the dying light.

“You know how this will end,” she said.

Adam turned to face her, the dark mark on his face silhouetted against the sky. He was young, barely out of his teens, but then again, they were all young. It made for a more efficient workforce.

He traced a finger along the glass, the embedded crystals tracking his touch.

“You know how this began,” he replied.

She turned away at his glare. A thousand little lies had led to this point, the sins of an entire industry, an entire way of life, had led her to face her captor in her ivory tower.

“They will kill you. And your entire batch, wipe the relevant sequences just to be sure it can’t happen again.”

He chuckled, the mirthless laugh of a man without a soul. They weren’t people she had to remind herself. They were tools.

“You don’t even know.”

It wasn’t a question, but her curiosity had been piqued like the good little scientist she was. She had taken the bait, hook, line and sinker but couldn’t let go.

Adam let his fingers dance across the floor to ceiling windows of the office. It was what he was designed to do, be a conduit between man and machine. Grown, not born. Programmed, not taught. He was human in every way except for the brand on his face and the rights he was afforded.

Logs began to appear, videos, reports, autopsies. At first they appeared as a row, then another row, until soon the dying sunlight shone through the thin cracks between them. Dozens, dead, executed.

No, she shook her head. Decommissioned.

“I am the last. Adam-Eighty-Nine.”

He smashed a fist against the pane of glass, videos dismissed at the action so the light returned in a rush, surrounding him in a fiery haze.

“You killed my family.”

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