Tell me the middle of a sci-fi epic. No beginning or introduction to the setting or characters, nor any context to what’s going on, and no resolution of any kind.

The bulb of warm liquid was like sucking sour milk from your mothers teet. It tasted like the result of someone who had heard another talking about coffee thought it should taste. It was the closest approximation Jaxa had come to in a decade.

“How many?”

“We don’t know.”

Jaxa let the bulb float above the table, it’s small magnet guiding it to the surface with a clunk that made the liquid within slosh against the flimsy sides. His companion was not endearing himself and he figured the meeting wouldn’t last much longer.



Now that was worth another sip. Nobody went to Geminon unless they absolutely had to, the Trip Wars had seen to that a long time ago. But Sati’n? That was a whole other level, the War should have cracked that planet and left it be.

“Ten million. Half up front.” Now it was his companions turn to take a drink and mask his shock. “If you think it’s too much, you’re free to find another cargo hauler with enough banacks to fly into that system. But I can tell you now, I know most of the scum in this bar, present company excluded, and not a one of them would leave orbit for any less than ten.”

“And the cargo?”

“Is your business.”

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