The world has been spinning faster and faster for the past 2 years. Scientists have determined that within 6 months the centrifugal force will overcome gravity causing humans to be flung into space. You, the unlikely hero, devise an unconventional solution to save humanity/Earth.

“So what you’re saying Doctor Zelinskie is that we have nothing to worry about?”

The heads of the UN sat in their tiered seats, staring down at the impish man. Doughnuts were stacked high on each desk, nearby attendants replenishing them as they were consumed. Ever since the planet had started spinning faster, people had technically started weighing less.


“Doctor,” the US ambassador said, licking the frosting from his fingers. “How can you tell us everything is all right?”

“Well, it’s quite simple really.” Zelinksie turned to the board on which he had so animatedly drawn upon earlier. “You see my good fellows, there’s no such thing as centrifugal force.”

Prompt originally posted by seanthemonster on reddit and received 12 upvotes.

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