You awaken in a hospital bed. A man in suit sits before you. “So what exactly do you remember?”

He sits and watches and taps his fingers and chews on the end of a pencil. He has interrupted my perfect sleep and now I hate him. Lumen would have cradled my chin, ran a hand across my brow and whispered sweet nothings into my ear. Lumen should have been here. But now there was only him.

“So, what exactly do you remember?”

I want to reach out and snap his neck with my hands. It takes twenty pounds of force to break a man’s neck. Lean a bit closer, ask me again.

“What was that?”

When I was a kid, on my first day of school, I was so excited I rushed out the house and spent the whole day in a frenzy. You know how it is, new sights, new sounds. It was only when I got home I realised I’d forgotten my keys. Life has a funny way of bringing back memories like that. Like realising you no longer have any arms only when you go to choke the life out of an annoying prick.

“Maybe I’ll come back when you’ve had a chance to rest.”

Lumen had such a pretty mouth. Now I grind my teeth into points so I can bite. I really do hate that man.

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