You’re attempt to kill your date is foiled when you realize she’s on the date to kill you as well.

“Don’t be like that baby.”

Eve held the point of her balisong knife against Adam’s neck, the tip tracing a path through the beads of sweat. She could still taste his scent, the way his muscles tensed against her own body.

His own blade had torn a small hole in her jeans, her favourite pair, and had been inching steadily closer to her femoral artery. Around them the club gyrated to the techno beats. She leant in closer as a noisy group passed them in the corridor, oblivious to the two warm bodies entwined, and watched them until they were alone again.

“Call me baby again and I’ll make sure you never have any of your own.”

He almost looked hurt. So well. It had been going so well. It wasn’t easy to find a decent man in a city of scum, especially when you worked in the gutters, cleaning out trash. Too good. Too bloody good, but she’d been blind.

“It’s nothing personal. I even enjoyed it a little bit.”

“Little’s right,” she said, adjusting her skewered leg to cause him discomfort.

“Now that hurts.” He had a pained expression on his face. Her knife dug in a little deeper. “Jab me all you want baby, you’ve already hit me in the heart.”

A rambunctious drunk chose that moment to bounce down the corridor like a pinball. Adam took his eyes off of her face for a second and in that instant she ran, leaving a thin trace of red across his neck.

“I told you, don’t call me baby.”

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