A near-Earth supernova exploded and now the deadly gamma radiation of its death is about to hit the planet

“The air burnt. I know that’s a weird thing to say, and you probably don’t even understand my words, but that’s what it felt like. Autumn day, leaves crunching under my feet as I breath in that pine-scented wind and then it’s like I’ve stuck my head into an oven too quickly. I screamed. Everyone screamed. Then the planet screamed.”

John leant against the soft wall, the purple lights pulsing as if a heart were beating deep within… wherever it was he found himself. They were watching him, from the shadows, each fresh beat of the heart bringing their outlines into focus before they dissolved back into the void.

“Gamma ray burst. College physics for you. Sent out at the speed of light, you don’t see it coming. You can’t. Nothing can travel faster.” He rapped a knuckle against the wall. “Or so I thought.”

Prompt originally posted by Fun1k on reddit and received 2 upvotes.

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