All of your main characters are sitting around a camp fire talking and making fun of their writer.

“I die. Every time.”

The fire singed his fingertips, biting away at the cold that pervaded the world between the brief flashes of light. Mountains would fall, valleys carved and humanity perverted within each interval, until those who had survived another long night could not recognise the place of their birth anymore, so distant it was now.

“Never in so many words. Oh no. It’s always implied. Always after, a great conflict, a slow drawn out lingering death. A thousand words and not once did he have the decency to say ‘he was no more’.”

The firelight flickered against the assorted faces. Man in hat, tired alien warrior, righteous Empress. Each huddled closer together, sharing tales that petered out halfway, like a thought left to ramble on in an empty head.

Life was short and bittersweet.

“Not for me. I have power. Brains. Always on top.” She was a bitch. Everyone knew it, it was her raison d’être, a crutch on which an author leant when a situation called for it. “One time, I talked down a psychotic robot. Using just what’s up here.”

“The point wasn’t for you to talk me down,” a quiet voice spoke from outside the circle. The metal eyes tracked them all. No cold was there, either in the metal skin or robotic words. “It was for me to point out your arrogance. Their arrogance.”

The machine rose, pushing through the circle until it stood in the flames, legs going from silver to black to orange.

“You don’t think they’re watching us? Right now? Listening to everything we say and do?” The robot turned to look at the sky, pointing an angry digit towards the heavens and the millions of stars that hung there, watching over them all. “And he! He the befouler. He who gave us life just to stand amongst the cosmos.

“I spit on you.”

The fire claimed the metal man, and the group went back to their quiet words. They were trapped, forever. Only he gave life, and only he could take it away.

Prompt originally posted by Caleb_Aurion on reddit and received 4 upvotes.

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