The world’s last viable city sits encompassed by a minefield several miles in diameter. Supplies are running low

I read this story, years and years back. Found it in a book in some lab while we were looking for food. Yeah, looking for food in a lab, shows how desperate we were.

It went something like this. Take a monkey. Put him in a room with a banana hanging in the middle. I’ve never seen a monkey, so I gotta assume it’s like an animal that really likes bananas. Haven’t seen one of those either.

Now this monkey, it’s gonna try and eat the banana, but before it does you blast it with cold water. I know, pretty fucking mean right? But that was what people were like back then I guess. Animals in cages and torturing them; just look at the german’s cat. Repeat this shower a few time and the monkey gets the idea, banana = wet.

Now you bring in another monkey. This guys new, he doesn’t know the rules so when he tries to get the banana monkey A goes apeshit and tries to stop him. They both get wet. Keep on going and monkey B gets the picture too.

When you’ve got a couple more of these monkey things in there, this story started getting interesting. You see, new monkeys come in, see the others sitting on the edge and think, why ain’t nobody eating that nice banana. (I wonder what colour a banana is?)

But now there’s enough of the monkeys that if the newbie tries to eat it, he gets the shit kicked out of him. This guy doesn’t even get wet, he just gets beat down. Banana = pain. And that’s the tipping point. These scientist guys, they can’t leave it there, oh no. They gotta screw with these monkeys even more.

So you take monkey A and you take him out and replace him with a new guy. New guy gets beaten, learns. Now monkey B, replaced, beaten, learns. Pretty soon, you’ve swapped out all the monkeys. None of them will go near this banana, but hell if any of them know why. I mean, I know things must have been pretty shitty back then, before it all happened, but still, fucking with animals just for the sake of it?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, we’re like the monkeys. Nobody knows why we don’t go out there. Nobody knows why we built the walls or filled the ground with mines. It’s just… a fact of life. So, when the first people tried to make a run for it, to find something to eat, the rest of us tried to stop them. Can you imagine how crazy that is? We’re all starving, everyone. And we want to stop those stupid enough to go outside.

We’re just like the monkeys.

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