Two ancient Gods battle one another in a present-day city.

“It has been far too long. Brother.”

Hades smiled. The youngest son of their father, given an entire domain to rule over, and still he acted like a petulant child. Zeus felt nothing as he took another from Hades’ ranks.

“You forget your place brother.”

“My place is not by your side? Am I to never look upon the clouds of our home? Or do you merely prefer me underfoot.”

Hades retaliated and Zeus felt the loss of one of his own.

“I have dwelt in the underworld for far too long. By the old laws, I shall take what is mine, my birthright.”

“Hades, this world, it is not of our father’s creating. The people now, they have no belief in us. We hold no sway.”

“And yet still we use them to settle our scores.”

More of Zeus’ forces fell, backing him into a corner. Around them the city continued, unabashed and unaware of the battle for the very dominion of their lands. Two thousand years had passed since Poseidon had cast his net and Zeus dragged his brother into the waters.

Hades moved again. The pain of losing his pieces stung at Zeus, but he had become accustomed to loss. Watching the mortals fall and stumble, only to rise again, stronger each time.

Hades leant closer, his gnarled hands gripping the stone of the table between them.

“Brother. Your reign is at an end. You have been kind, and in your kindness the mortals have repaid you with ignorance and greed. It is time they learnt their place.”

Hades struck. He moved quickly, taking powerful positions. And still the city remained quiet.

“I hope, in another century, you learn to see past the immediacy of existence. Life is not a game, to be won or lost, but rather a seed, to be nurtured. Goodbye brother.”

Zeus moved his knight, knocking over Hades’ king.

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