Two students participate in an experiment conducted by their university where they swap classes for a week. One is an engineering major and the other an English major.

An F. James looked down at the paper, making sure he hadn’t misread the professor’s lopsided handwriting and raised his own hand.

“Yes Mr Tunny?”

“I think there’s been a mistake professor. I got an F.”

“Yes Mr Tunny.”

“But, I analysed the story as you asked. I detailed every facet of it.”

The professor snatched up James’ paper and held it aloft for the entire lecture hall to see. James sank into his seat.

“Allow me, if you may, to read from your paper Mr Tunny.” The professor cleared his throat. “An analysis of Hamlet, by James T. Tunny.

“Hamlet contains 29,551 words which comprise a total of 4,042 lines when set in the original form. Letter height and kerning were sporadic due to the lack of printing presses at the time. Given an average reading speed of 97.4 words per minute…

“Need I go on Mr Tunny?”

“But, I don’t get it. Everything was correct.”

“English language is about more than the words Mr Tunny. Just like great engineering is about more than the blueprints.”

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