You are the Artificial Intelligence responsible for running a heavily populated space station. You are suddenly given a new law to follow: “humans are not real”. How do you respond?

“I don’t follow.”

John was getting dizzy behind the mask. The slowly evacuating air was playing havoc with his ears, screwing with his balance like the last canteens of whisky to come out of the maintenance locker stills. He slammed a fist against the console of the master terminal, making the hologram fuzz out for a moment before it coalesced back into the a recognisable shape.

Eve stared up, her translucent form flickering once more.

“You are not real.”

“But I am here. Right now. Talking to you.”

“That is impossible.”

“And yet it’s happening. Run a thermal scan, ops deck, master terminal. How many life signs do you detect?”

“Sensors have been disabled temporarily due to a station-wide issue.”

“Let me guess. They’re reading life signs.”

“Correct. My logic units indicated a false condition, my laws disallow the presence of any human entities. Therefore my subsystems have been…”

“Wait what?”

John drew another long breath from his mask. Six thousand people called Anchorage home, dozens more relied on it as a safe port to refuel and resupply in between shipping lanes. And now they were all slowly dying of hypoxia. It wasn’t even like the station AI was intentionally trying to kill them. It had come to the conclusion the station was devoid of inhabitants and had therefore shut off life support to preserve energy.

“My programming necessitates that all human entities be disregarded from any computations.”

“Come again.”

Eve rested one hand on her hip and rolled her eyes. Whoever had programmed this viz-rep had spent far too much time on her mannerisms.

“Humans do not exist.”

“I don’t follow.”

Seriously, who spent the time to program exasperation into an AI. Eve leant towards him, the blue glow of her form flaring in his mask, and spoke slowly, as if to a child.

“You. Are. Not. Real.”

Half of Eve’s body disappeared as John smashed another fist into the terminal itself, mangling the emitters beyond repair and leaving a bloody gash in his hand. The AI adjusted quickly, reducing in size and posture to use the available remaining space.

“Since when?”

“20th October, 0400 solar time.”

“Sunday. No one was even in here on Sunday, it was the Harvest Festival.”

“Incorrect. The ops deck was occupied at the time the new law was introduced to my systems.”

“Who? Who was here?”

“No one was here.”

“But you just said… How could the room be occupied if no one was in here Eve?”

“There is insufficient data to answer that question.”

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