A single person’s brain can be utilised as a computer to allow interstellar travel, however, their mind is completely burnt out in the process.

“I don’t know why you bother,” Dale said.

He slopped his plate onto the small mess table and sidled onto the bench. With a crew of eight the Rasmus wasn’t a big vessel by any means. The mess hall was for all and intents the beating heart of her, never mind the bridge or engine room. Shen carefully scooped up another portion of porridge with a spoon, blowing to cool it before pressing it against T’s lips.

Shen was not your average wrench monkey. He’d spent his formative years in the belt, working in the kind of establishment that scarred not only a pretty body but a boy’s mind as well. His long dreadlocks were a constant source of amusement whenever they dropped below a half-G. But for all the shit he’d been dealt in his life, he still persevered, helping others, other like T.

“Come on buddy,” Shen said, pressing harder.

T slowly parted his lips, accepting the metal spoon. Shen wiped at the corner of the man’s mouth with a napkin.

“Thing doesn’t even know who you are,” Dale said in between his own mouthfuls. “Might as well give him the IV like every other Egghead.”

“T likes real food, don’t ya mate?” Shen said, not expecting a response.

“Yeah well, a few more hops and you’re gonna need a new friend.”

Dale finished his plate and pushed past. T opened his mouth ready as Shen picked up another spoonful.

“I know. He’s an asshole,” he said.

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