In the future, two societies exist in harmony, technological city-states and rural agrarian societies. Tell the story of someone in one society having to interact with the other.

“What the hell was that?”

Tom had pulled the hood of his sleeping bag tight about his head. Nick rolled over next to him, mumbling in his sleep before drifting back off to sleep.

“There. There is goes again. Nick, wake up. There’s something out there.”


“Oh god, it’s getting closer.”

The tent featured a mimetic wrap, designed to let you see the sun rise over the horizon without ever having to leave the warmth of its confines. Tom stroked the fabric and the inner mesh dissolved into an inky blackness.

Shapes moved, like white mist drifting across the fields, getting closer and closer.

“I’m dialling out,” Tom said.

He picked up his commo, punching in the code that would transfer his conscious back to the artificial body he’d left behind at his parents house. The one he was currently wearing was designed for the “rugged” terrain. It even came with a beard to keep his face warm, but the itching had annoyed him so he’d had it shed the whiskers.

His frantic actions were interrupted by a rustle. Close. Right outside. Tom turned, looking behind him, synthetic lip trembling.

The sheep bleated again and Tom screamed.

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