Mankind has taken the next step and built the largest particle accelerator yet, so large it had to be built on a space station orbiting the earth. It has just come online for the first experiment, everything goes perfectly until the moment of collision, when something goes inexplicably wrong…

“Shut it down.”

The words hurt to speak. My jaw, even my very eyes, felt detached, removed from my brain as if the thoughts to control them were bouncing between my head and a ground station before reaching their destinations.

The electricity arced along the perimeter of the space station, snatching at those who hadn’t drifted far enough away. I could feel the others respond, some moving by their own volition, others drawn outward as the station began to spin. The core was still glowing. A deuterium reactor, the beating heart of the ring array both literally and figuratively.

I screamed. It took a long time for the sound to reach my ears. Not as long as the sight I saw. My fingers were being drawn away from me. Stretched. Pulled and stringed, until I could see the flesh grow thin and the light from the reactor shine through and show the bones beneath.

The walls stretched endlessly now, lines that ran for a million miles in every direction with bolts of blue energy that traced intricate paths through the ionised air. The air burnt. My skin burnt. Time had slowed to a crawl, and death with it.

“What are we seeing Doctor?”

Catherine looked at the readouts, barely believing what she was seeing.

“It’s gone critical. The mass readouts don’t make any sense. They’ve… they’ve…”

“Goddammit Doctor, just tell me what it is.”

She turned to face him, palming the display of her tablet across to his own. As if he could make sense of the Podolsky equations.

“It’s a black hole.”

“And the people inside?”

Catherine looked out the windows of the shuttle. The ring had shrunk to a pinprick of blinding light, but she knew within mass was being stretched, pulled through a hole in space and time. The thought of it. It was impossible. Horrifying.

“They’re still alive. But we’ll never be able to save them.”

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