The Pillar of Autumn is attacked by 4 Cylon Base Stars

“Cortana, what am I looking at?”

“I don’t know Captain. The design is unlike anything we’ve seen from the Covenant.”

Keyes gripped his pipe tightly and looked at the angular ships drifting in front of the Autumn. ONI had cleared this space for randomised Cole jumps, there wasn’t supposed to be anything for a thousand parsecs and yet they had jumped into a waiting armada.

“They’re launching…”

“Evasive manoeuvres,” Keyes said automatically.

The Pillar of Autumn lurched as her thrusters spun up, pushing the inertial dampeners to their limits before they could counteract the extra gravity. Rolling to starboard, the Autumn’s point defence cannons calculated firing solutions and loosed salvos of rounds at the incoming missiles.

“They’re not Covenant,” Keyes said.

Cortana shimmered into life on the pedestal behind him. She swatted at simulated gnats, obviously meant as a human representation of the missile barrage.

“No. Chemical propellant, and I’m picking up chatter with a digital carrier wave being broadcast between the vessels. Whoever they are, they’re not Covenant.”


Cortana waved away the last of the missile gnats.

“They’d never be seen in anything so utilitarian.”

Prompt originally posted by LEGO-BUG on reddit and received 1 upvotes.

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