Videogames have been accepted as a form of literature. Write your bullshit essay about the literary importance of your favourite game.

Fighting This Game Until Death Sets Us Free

All art is defined by two things.

First is it’s arrival into this world. The bold and the brash crave attention, often achieving such notable goals as appearing on national news through means too vulgar or impetuous to be considered anything other than a petulant child causing a racket.

But then comes the death. The end. Fin. A book leaves you with a tear in your eye and a worn spine. As the credits roll on a movie, it is the endless game of spotting the most esoteric job description Hollywood has yet dreamt up. And video games, as the latest initiate into this world, have the inevitable multiplayer environments where children and adults behaving as children may battle to the death to win the round.

How then does the wave gametype fit in to this environment? Endless waves of enemies, ever increasing in number and strength. Your Call of Duty’s, Halo’s and Gears of War. Each pits players and their comrades against zombies and aliens, men or monsters that have no end. For the computers powering these simulations, there is no finite limit. The only way to finish the fight is to succumb to the war. Each round may provide a victories battle, but in the end the war is lost before it the first shot is fired.

So why then do players engage in these game modes? Is the act not fruitless? Is this not a book that keeps on turning pages for as long as one has thumbs to turn them? An album of ocean going waves streamed in perpetuity?

I know only one thing. In those final moments, when the waves come crashing against your small team, huddled in the last vestiges of shelter as bullets are handed around like gold-encrusted jewels, only in that moment can the truest act of defiance known to man be felt.

For we shall not quiet into this good night. And if we should start this voyage in the safe knowledge that there is no safety, then the leaderboards shall regale our high scores like the Vikings of yore sung the songs of their fallen.

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