Write me the story of a sidekick to a superhero who becomes disillusioned with his boss and gets enticed over to the villains side.

“I believed in you.”

The ground was still shaking. A thousand screams could be heard, people lost and staggering in the grey clouds of dust that permeated every street. They were scared.

Cane smiled.

“You never trusted me to take over your mantle of responsibility.”

“In time…”

“What time? This world is burning and you had me fetching pales of water!”

“These people. They’re scared. They need protection. Our protection.”

Cane kicked at the rubble. A woman had been crushed, her legs lost under the masonry, but in her arms a small boy shook with fear. Cane reached for the child. Lifted him by his arm.

“These people need something you’re not willing to give them. Something only Falson can provide.”

Cane snapped the boys neck and tossed him aside.

“They need control.”

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