You are called upon to make a last stand but there is no chance of survival. Tell me the story of your final moments and what you have chosen to die for.


I never told Jessie how much I loved her. The shit has hit the fan and I’m thinking about the first girl who ever smiled at me. It’s dumb decisions like that that got me in the marines in the first place. See the solar system, walk on Mars, fly through Venus.



I can’t feel my legs anymore.

I can’t feel much of anything. The kevlar on my legs is red, but I don’t want to take my finger off the trigger to see how bad the claw marks are. They’re gonna get through the airlock. All I can hear is their wild screeches now. Damn, Jessie had a great smile.

The dropship is spooling up behind me, the engines rising from a deep rumble to a keening wail as it pushes off from the pad. Lifeboat rules. Short straws. Fuck it. I’m a marine.

I was dead the day I put on the uniform.

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