Your best friend takes over the world and becomes some sort of super Hitler. You tasked with assassinating him or her. When you finally reach your friend he makes you an offer.

“Three days?”

Lee pulled back the cuff of his arm and showed me the numbers, counting down. 68 hours remaining.

“But. Why? How? Since when?”

Outside the walls of the palace, the masses were cheering as the books were burnt while the defectors swung in the night breeze, but inside there was only the silence of two friends with a lot to say and not enough time to do it.

“I started the countdown that night.”

“She was both of our friends,” I said.

Lee smiled and sank into one of the gilded chairs. For six years he had torn the world asunder. A campaign of hate and terror that had torn America and Asia apart until only Europe remained untouched by the violence. I let my gun fall to my side.

“She always loved you more Alec. Always. And when she died, she told me I had to do it.”

“They were only words. Three college kids with no idea what we were saying.”

“But we were right.”

“You’ve killed so many.”

Lee rolled down his sleeve.

“Then there’s only one left to die.”

“It’s not what she wanted. She wanted to unite humanity. Not burn it to the ground.”

“In three days I can ask her myself.”

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