Being truly desperate to get a job, you respond to what looks like a fake posting. “Looking for someone with no ties to the world to go on a demon hunting expedition. Training will be provided”


“Erm, no sir. No mother. My father and I split a long time ago.”

“Don’t need to know the details.”

Grey dragged the chest across the floor. The man must have been sixty, but still had the muscles of an ox and the mind of a chess champion. Diego could have helped, but so far everything had told him this man knew what he was doing.

“Ever held a weapon before?”


“Ever killed a man before?”


If Grey was expecting hesitation or a denial, he got none. The old man simply grunted. Kicking open the chest he began rifling through an assortment of weaponry. Maces to machine guns, anything and everything needed to kick someone’s ass. Or something.

“Demons aren’t like people kid.” Greg hefted an antique crossbow, well oiled and tightly sprung. “They don’t have feelings. They don’t belong on the surface. They’re only hear to cause misery, and it’s our job to send them back where they came from.”

“Do you ever stop and think why they’re up here?” Diego asked.

Greg paused. He’d gone through many apprentices. Some had left to make a family. Some just left because they couldn’t take it. Most didn’t get the choice. But none had asked such a simple question. It was always how to kill them? How to shoot and where.

“Doesn’t matter,” he grunted.


“They don’t belong up here?”


“What are you, a fucking five year old? Goddamit.”

“You shouldn’t take his name in vain.”

“Listen, kid. The arrangement is simple. I put them in the ground. You help. Got a problem with that?”

Diego pulled a short blade from the chest. A mercer. Used during the Black Death. He remembered it well. You’d embrace the infected foe.

“What are you doing?” Grey asked as Diego wrapped his arms around him.

And then you’d just slip it in between the ribs.

The old man struggled at first, but that was the great thing about such a sharp blade. It would be quick. Not like the deaths of his brethren.

“Why?” Grey asked.

Diego kept their embrace, gently cradling the dying warrior.

“My father made one final edict when last we spoke. Generations ago when he cast me out. There would be no room on His Earth for my kind.” Diego smiled, leaning in so he could whisper the words into Grey’s ear. “But what’s the point of being the fallen one if you can’t have a bit of fun. Until some idiot like you decides to take away my toys.”

Grey fell against his heavy chest. Last gasps. Cold eyes.

“I am the Devil old man. And your time on MY Earth is over.”

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