You are separated from your brother at a young age by an oppressive entity. You meet later fighting for opposing forces.

“They’re not what you think Ash.”

Tal was wearing the black tunic of the Terran Agency. Ribbons and boards adorned his chest, each representing a point of pride for the older brother. Ash saw only memories of friends lost to the TA.

“Funny,” Ash jangled the handcuffs on the table. “Considering the present circumstances.”

The interrogation room was cold steel. Metal table bolted to the floor, two metal cheers and an observation window. No doubt the generals behind it were watching not just Ash but Tal, ensuring he remained loyal to the cause.

“We just want to bring order back. Make things better for people.”

“Like Anna?”

Tal glanced at the mirror. He’d spent years, working his way up through the ranks, proving his worth. His loyalty. And his stupid younger brother was going to ruin it all.

“That was a long time ago. It doesn’t matter.”

“Your own sister doesn’t matter?”

“Shut up,” Tal said, standing up.

“Do they know? Somehow I don’t think ma and pa registered her birth down at the camp.”

“I said shut up Ash!”

“Hey you, dipshits,” Ash said, turning to face the anonymous window. “Your loyal little soldier? He…”

Tal was older, bigger and better fed, plus he had four years of military training under his belt. Ash had nothing. A street rat who had taken two lowlife tribes of runts and turned them into the premier thorn in the Governments side. You didn’t win a fight on the street by being better. You won by being smart.

Tal swung, missed, overbalanced. Ash rose in a single motion, slipping loose his right cuff before pressing it deeply into his brothers neck.

“You saved her life,” Ash whispered into his brother’s ear. “That’s the only reason I’m gonna spare yours.”

As the guards rushed in, crushing Ash’s body against the wall, he saw Tal rub at his neck. They were brothers, both looking out for the same things. They just had different ways of protecting it.

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