Kneeling in the open field with the grass tickling against her legs she cried under the watch of distant stars.

She laughed and Sam felt his heart lift into his throat. It was the most human thing she’d ever done. He tried to keep up, but even in her half delirious state she could still outpace him, with or without powered armour. She tripped, rolled and came up laughing again as she felt the long blades of grass tickle her bare legs.

“This is so wonderful,” Kat said.

Sam caught up, winded but still smiling as he knelt beside her, keeping a distance but always ready. Desperate for her to come home. She fell back, arms spread wide. Like that first Christmas on Nova, in the snow. Like a family.

“You’re safe now baby,” he said. “You’re home.”

She sniffed first, rolling onto her side so her father wouldn’t see. Then the racking sobs came, harder and harder, until years of absence rendered her unable to say the things she’d wanted to for so long. Sam inched closer, guiding her towards him until she was crying on his shoulder. His sun-soaked leathery skin looked almost alien against the paleness of his daughter. Most of her adult like, spent serving in a foreign military, wearing suits that kept her from the world.

The touch of grass on skin.

That’s all it took to bring his daughter back home. He hoped one day she would believe the same.

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