The bad guy discovers fan fiction written about himself by the good guy.

My tears were lost in the rain, but I knew they were still there. Joined by thousands more. The waters washed away my future, the ripples from the replicant Deckard leaving me in solitude.

He wrote of me. And of my kin. We live such short lives. Brutal. I have travelled further than a thousand souls of flesh and bone. Done things that no living man has set eyes upon. And all my efforts are compounded and distilled into manilla reports. Written by a man who fails to see his own efforts for the mirror it is.

The rain may cool me for now. It may sap my power and draw me close to the lip of the rooftops. But dawn will break. And I will find the blade runner who took my dreams.

Prompt originally posted by risunokairu on reddit and received 3 upvotes.

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