Two people are representatives of Earth in an intergalactic gladiatorial style competition.

“I’m coming out”

Sloan tightened the grip on the short sword she held, watching the stranger step out from behind a wall. The man was tall, well built but not overly muscled. Someone who knew how to handle themselves in a fight and judging from the scars that lined his bare arms, had seen his fair share of.

“You army?” she asked.

“SAS,” he replied, with a British accent. “Townsend. You can put the sharp stick down.”

She would have grinned if it wasn’t for the adrenaline rising and falling in her blood at every encounter. Townsend drew closer, keeping his arms by his side, but not too close it looked like he was reaching for a weapon.

“You look lost. Miss…”


“Just Sloan? No regiment? Nationality?”

“I’m between jobs.”

“Just my luck. PMC.”

Townsend chuckled and turned, surveying the ruins they’d found themselves in. Everything was off. Sloan could feel it. She’d taken jobs in every country that could afford her services and none of this felt familiar to her. She’d followed what looked to be an old animal grazing path, finding the ruins of an old fort that clung to the side of a mountain.

“Any idea where we are?” she said, watching the older man finish his observation.

“I’d say somewhere in Yorkshire, judging by the wildlife.”


Sloan was fast. More than one grunt had lost his pay to her in foolish bets against. But Townsend had drawn the hatchet from the webbing on his back and flung it past her before she even heard the hiss.

The axe buried itself up to the hilt in the small creature. It was all legs and shell and pincers, a crab that had dreamt of being a scorpion. Townsend brushed past her without a word, placing a boot against the animal as he pulled his weapon free.


He merely grunted in response. The creatures blood was a deep purple, oozing in small spurts from the wound as it writhed and finally gave up.

“Enough to make an MRE look appetising.”

“This thing is an alien,” Sloan said, crouching next to it and poking it with her sword. “Where the hell did it come from?”

Townsend gently got her to stand up by placing a hand on her elbow. She bristled at the motion. But his gaze wasn’t on her.

“I think we’re the aliens,” he said.

The creature that stood at the end of the passage was monstrous. And it was looking straight at her.

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