A man has a mid-life crisis at disney land

His knuckles were still bloody and raw, bits of white synthetic feathers trapped in the flesh like some grotesque take on being tarred and feathered. Alexander clenched his fists. Watched the blood pool and the knuckles go white.

“Not like this. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.”

He was rocking, back and forth, back and forth, on the small cot. It was a little known fact that there was a small jail cell, nestled away in a corner of the park, ready for the stumbling drunk, the screaming mother-in-law.

They’d taken him here. Left him locked in a cage. He pulled another bit of feather from his knuckles and cried.

Thirty years ago he’d come here. A young boy, only just turned double digits, with a loving mother and father who’d share his delight at every cast member and ride. He’d promised to one day take his own children here, in that naive way every kid plans for their future.

His smile hadn’t even begun to fade, in the weeks after the trip, when his mother and father died. Time connected the memories, but the boy kept his promise in mind.

And when he married, and had a daughter, he was so excited. Years to plan, many more to take potentially. But his parents met their granddaughter and his wife became his ex and as quickly as his dreams began the memories ended.

And so at forty, a man entered the only place he could remember feeling truly happy for the last time and he laid waste until he could feel no more. And when they dragged him away, a trembling Donald Duck mewling in pain, he knew he’d ruined the last piece of goodness within himself.

Prompt originally posted by chivestheconquerer on reddit and received 4 upvotes.

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