Germany never reunified in 1990 and remained separated as West Germany and East Germany by 2015. You are the only one of your family that resides in East Berlin and you want to escape

There is a book. It’s contraband now, even mentioning it is tantamount to treason and liable to leave you dangling over a small drop. But curiosity cannot be stopped. The walls of my apartment are thin, the cold seeping between rooms from the communal boiler, and always you hear the hushed whispers of the families living within.

Back to the book. In the west they called it The Lady in the Low Keep, I won’t bore you with the German pronunciation, only that it is known by many other names. A flight of fancy is perhaps the most common phrase bandied about.

The book is short and it is simple. It features crazy notions. Notions that go against the grain of our society. Our perfect communist society. When Kennedy was shot, the crack of the rifle ringing out over the wall, we watched dumbstruck from our windows. Any hope for reunification vanished in a red mist.

And it is from this point the book diverges. Kennedy stood proud. The West grew. The wall, the wall fell and it was joyous. And life went on and new enemies arose, but Germany was one. The Lady returned to her family and could be free to pursue her dreams to be an author.

In a way, knowing my dreams have made it across the border, that the young woman I wrote of could be free. In a way, that is freedom for me.

I hope my family read my book.

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