It’s the year 2500, and we are now on our 32nd World War. The first few were okay, but people are getting bored with them, including the people that design new weapons. Their ingenuity is getting a bit silly.

We made a sport of it. The taking of life became so blasé that only the means matter and the end was considered unimportant.

The Nations had gathered again. Three years since the last episode. They were getting closer, more frequent, and each time more and more violent as the wars sucked up all the available resources. The ‘casters had a saying, ratings over rations.

The beauty now was in the how, not the why. A weapon was crude, a blunt instrument that merely caused a body to expire, like a show that nobody watched anymore. If you wanted to win the war, you won the ratings, and the ratings were determined by only one thing.

The Koblitz Factor.

Twelve years, Arjin Koblitz had designed the weapon that was dropped on the former capital of a former Nation. Imagine it now; a thousand tiny drones broadcasting live as men and women and children fell to it’s effects.

They became their dreams. And their nightmares. The deepest darkest fears and most fanciful wishes came forth unhibited. Tenants took broom handles to the skulls of their landlords. Men tore at the object of their desires.

And we watched it all. And we cheered.

Ever since, the winners have upped the ante. Increased the wow factor. Floods of fluoride and the world’s biggest plague of razor-tipped bunnies.

So this year. What have you got planned?

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