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They’re gone. Not like smoke. After you draw a breath and exhale, it dissipates, until there’s nothing left. But friendships? They never die.

John had been there. For everything that matters. If I’d had need of a best man, John wouldn’t even need to be asked. And then she came between us. I loved her. She was new, made me laugh. With John we would argue, butt heads and only make up when the respective party came to the conclusion they were in the wrong. That’s why I loved most, we could admit our flaws.

But with her. I wanted to be perfect. I wanted to be right for her. And when she saw us arguing, she said to let him go. She made me step away from my best friend. And I did it. For her.

I knew John was still out there. He hated her for what she’d done, but she did as she asked. For me. He sacrificed a friend, to save a friendship and for that I felt hollow.

We fell deeper in love. We got married. We honeymooned. And always I tried to please her. I’d catch news of John. Saw he’d moved somewhere, got a new job or tried a new activity. She didn’t want to hear of it, so soon I learnt that leaving a friend meant losing a friend’s memories as well.

And then, one day out of the blue when I was shopping for stir fry in the supermarket, deciding between noodles and beansprouts, I bumped into him.

I took my ring off. I dropped the basket of vegetables and diet tonic water. And I went to the pub and I revisited all of those old memories.

Prompt originally posted by RoninK on reddit and received 11 upvotes.

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