A country has been at war for almost a decade. Fed up by the constant fighting, one of their spies becomes a double agent and attempts to end the war.

“Why did you do it?” Tobias asked.

Jul hung from the stone wall, the iron manacles biting into his bloodied wrists. Jul’s face was a single purple bruise from days of interrogation. No part of his body had avoided attention.

“Because it had to end.”

“But why? Of all the things you could have done. The price that was paid. It was too high, too much. You don’t understand what you did.” Tobias stopped, looking through the single window at the broken skyline. “Or maybe you do.”

Coughing, Jul sank to his knees, his arms pulled taught. Tobias brought a small cup to his mouth, the water soothing his throat and brining back a sliver of his strength.

“When we were fighting, you were always so bold. Determined to help your country. No, that’s wrong. Determined to stop the fighting. Yes. You were always more interested in bringing about an end than saving your own people.”

“Priorities,” Jul said.

“You had a family Jul!” Tobias cried, holding the chin of his oldest friend. “A family in the city. Do you know what the attack did? Did you see the reports before they dragged you away?

“I don’t know why you placed such a high value on the lives of the enemy.”

Jul put one foot on the ground, then the other, rising until he stood for the first time in days. His vision swam and the wounds running through his chest burnt but he had to make his friend hear his words.

“I placed the same value on all lives. The war… it was pointless, hopeless. It had to stop. I had to make sure it couldn’t happen again. Not now. Not tomorrow or next year or in another decade. Never. Again.”

Tobias held up a hand as the guards unlocked the gate to the cell. They waited as he stood before Jul.

“You gave them every military secret we had. You handed them the keys to the kingdom. And when they launched those first waves of bombs, we had no choice. We had to retaliate with everything we had. And now, there’s nothing.

“You signed the death warrant of your wife and son,” Tobias finished.

“It was a price I would gladly pay again to ensure this war never happens again,” Jul said as they led him to the gallows.

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