Silicon Valley Scientists are working furiously on developing super-human AI. Chinese Microbiologists are working furiously on editing the genome of human embryos to achieve man-made evolution. In 2050, as Skynet rises, a new breed of human is taking up the fight for mankind…

John felt the toxic smog rushing past him as he fell from the ‘scraper, falling faster and faster past the windows. His internal reservoir, a hyper-dense web of biomass replacing one of his lungs, would give him enough O2 to last a few hours at least in this hellhole. He could see the ground now, even if his eyes were blind and only the clicking of his tongue giving him a picture.

Scrambots were swarming in now, blocks like mould on the sides of the ‘scrapers breaking into a thousand tiny bots that punched through the rain towards him. They glowed like a million angry fireflies.

The ground hit hard, but his double knees rolled the impact off, leather jacket and leather skin taking the rest of the abuse. The rain was slick with red light now, washing oblivion towards him.

He could see the ground now. See the core, the tracks, the inner workings of the Mechs.

Man didn’t fall. The computers never rose. It was humanity. Humanity had and always would be it’s own enemy. The simpletons died out, as was natural. But those that remained chose a path and tore the species in two.

The techs gave up organic form. They became the machines, the eyes and the pulse, until the collective had taken over the networks that ran beneath the pre-gens.

John grunted, wiping red water mixed with red blood from his eyes as the bots dug deep.

His own kind, the Binos, they fought to preserve life. And when the world was been purged, they took the burden upon themselves personally. John carried the genetic material of a dozen species within his own blueprints.

Together they were stronger. Together, life would win out.

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