A man leaves the U.S. to find out the world is very different from the one he was taught to believe.

“Half your pay goes to the government?”

Carl scoffed. His father would have laughed at the socialists. The government coming in and taking all his hard earned money. No way, it was his money and his alone.

“Well, yeah,” Sofia said.

She’d got chatting to him at the local cinema. They didn’t call them movie theatres here. After the movie he’d asked if she wanted to join him for a drink. And now he was regretting it. She was mad!

“But that’s your money!”

“Well, I get it back.”

Now he really was laughing, causing others to look over. There was an old joke. What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual. What do you call someone who speaks one language? English. And it seemed everyone in the bar was bilingual, which meant they were all listening in, but talking about him in words he couldn’t understand.

“How? They’re robbing you and you’re smiling.”

“When my mum was pregnant she had 12 months maternity leave. And my dad got 6 weeks.”

“Yeah, but…”

“And they didn’t pay anything. Even when I was born premature and had to make lots of trips.”

“That’s what health insurance is for.”

“And how much does that cost you?”

“That’s irrelevant. I can decide not to pay it. You can’t not pay tax.”

“And if you needed an ambulance?”


“I had four weeks sick leave. All paid for by my company. And I still got my three weeks holiday leave on top of that.”

“Three weeks?”

“Not including holiday days.”

“But you’re paying for that.”

“So does everyone. And everyone benefits from it.”

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