A man thinks he has hypothermia and refuses to take off anything. It’s the middle of summer and you’re trying to prevent him from getting heatstroke

The sweat was building up now, running down his back, soaking through layer upon layer. Mike shivered.

“Take it off.”

Jennifer was stunning, her face almost as white as the snow. She wore that yellow top, the same one she had the first time she found him working under the hood of his cammy. She’d skated up and just watched him work. He’d been so nervous he’d nearly dropped a sparkplug down behind the radiator before she’d laughed, took his hand and guided it into position.

They’d married six months later.

“You’re burning up.”

The wind was kicking up a fierce howl now, running down the mountain. The little crevasse he’d found was pitiful, but his tent and other equipment was now ten thousand feet below him, smashed amongst the rocks.

He reached for Jennifer’s face and shivered.

Not long after they’d married, Jennifer had come to him, crying like he’d never seen her. They’d been trying. So hard. But no luck, and the doctor’s had confirmed it. He’d held her, rocking her softly through the night as she spoke of the family she’d always wanted.

The next morning he’d put her in his old cammy and they drove. She woke to the sun rising over the Mesa Verde.

“I love you,” she said. “Come closer.”

Mike took his outer coat off and the wind took away the heat. Coat, jacket, top. Soon he was nestled in her arms, his skin growing cooler as he felt her embrace.

Every few months he would be waiting when she got home, by the car, with their bags packed. He’d drive and she would talk and in those hours they were free and alive and she didn’t need to worry about the future.

The semi had hit them outside Chickasaw. She went quick, smiling in his arms. When he got out of the hospital, weeks later, he’d broken down, crying when he saw the cammy the tow truck had dumped outside of their house.

“I love you,” she said, kissing him with cold lips.

He’d worked on that car for months and finally drove to the mountains. It was one of their favourite points. They’d park and hike to the northern face. They’d watch the sun rise and they’d fall into each other’s arms and they wouldn’t come down until the following day.

When they found Mike’s body, he was naked, curled into a ball less than a mile from his car. No one had known he was up there. He had had no one to tell.

He died in her arms, and she his.

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